Elliston – puffin viewing and root cellars

Elliston on the Bonavista peninsula has the best spot for viewing puffins. Walk a short distance to the top of a rock and just across the way thousands of nesting puffins. I hear they swim all the way back to Greenland after the babies are ready to go. Their survival rate is low – one egg per year and 20% chance of survival due to the love of the gulls for egg mcpuffin breakfasts.

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Elliston’s other claim to fame is the high number of root cellars per capita, but we found quite a few in Twillingate also.

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Tour of Twillingate in the rain

Visited every indoor place we could in town due to the rain. Twilligate Museum, Durell Museum, art gallery, Auk Island Winery…all fruit and berry wine but great labels. Stopped at D&J Seafood for lunch and tried fisherman’s brewis -made with hard bread biscuits soaked and mashed with cod, fired pieces of pork fat called scrunchions on top. I love them! Molasses bread and partridge berry jam, A local favorite.

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We do eat well

It always helps to bring your chef with you of course. The fish store was a bounty of fresh seafood – smoked salmon, scallops, snow crab, fish cakes. Greens with apples, walnuts, gorgonzola and kraft vinaigrette (the only option in this part of the universe). Mashed with garlic, spinach, peppers and onions with garlic butter sauce. Wine is expensive here but we splurged on a sweet Chilean red wine for this fine dinner.

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Iceberg Man Tour

Iceberg Man tour in Twillingate. Bundle up! We got up close to some amazing icebergs. They do make it cold out though. All look different with viens of pure blue ice and volcanic ash. Some grounded or flipped. They pulled some ice up for us to taste and take some home for a cocktail later.

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Iceberg Alley Newfoundland we arrive!

We arrive in St Johns on June 4th and head to Clarenville for a two night stay so we can visit the Bonavista peninsula.We visited Trinity a cute little historic town. Then off to Port Rexton to take the Skerwink trail listed as one of the best trails in North America. 5.3. KM, lot of ups and downs but beautiful and we spotted our first iceberg in the distance.