Bienvenue en France

Joyce says Hi!

So, we have many posts of our recent trip to France, half on a riverboat going down the Rhone, half in Paris. This blog presents all the posts in reverse order, showing our very last post first. To make things easier for you, choose one of these links, and click to “newer” posts at the end of each page.

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This first post shows you a map of where we’ll be in France. To move forward in time, click the right-side link at the bottom of each post and you’ll see our trip as it happened.

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Either way, the left-side links take you one post backward in time and the right-side bring you one post into the present. Click the right link at the bottom if you’d like to read about our trip as we lived it.

Here’s an index of some of the places we visited:

And we wander and eat

Our goal before we leave Paris….a hamburger, a pizza, and falafel. And as many macarons as possible. Wine seems to go with everything.

Be on the lookout for the street art of Invader. Based on 8-bit pixels you will find the mosaic images on many buildings.

St Sulpice

On our way to pizza we found this place -Pizza Chic – with the most glamorous restroom. Fit for a queen. And the pizza is pretty good too.


We finally made stand in line for hours then walk through room after room of opulence and statues and busts. A palace fit for a king indeed.