Wake up in Lyon

A lovely breakfast to start the day.

And off we go via taxi to Lugdanum to see the Musee Gallo Romain and the Roman amphitheater.

A place to water the pups.

The mosaics were spectacular. Up the hill to Fourviere to visit the Basilique.

Take the funicular to Vieux Lyon.

Lunch at Chez Lyon. Delicious. The artichoke dish paired well with a wine that tasted like olives.

Walking back to pick up our luggage we find the toilettes. You have to wait for it to wash and dry itself between each use. Very tidy. Dont get caught in the wash cycle

And off we go to our bateaux the Emerald Liberte.

Fancy it is. While we were eating our 4 course dinner with Cote de rhone wine, Steve from Lenne added some pinot noir from his winery.And they fancied up our room.