What We Talk About, When We Talk About Cheese

Hello visitor, you are about to go on a photo tour, a tour that will take you through many emotions. Terror, curiosity, love, hunger, learning, friendship and of course, cheese.

We were running late to La Finca Florita so we took the most direct route, the one best suited for mountain goats and dirt bikes.


up down

Seems most things here are clinging to steep slopes or built on top of the local ridges. Roads make transportation possible, but only if you have a skinny vehicle as most bridges are one lane only. Many of the ravines these bridges cross are what you might call “imposing”. As in… did anyone cross this before a bridge was built?


long way down

Driving here you spend a lot of time waiting for the horse to get out of the road, followed by the limping grandmother, and then the small children, then the giant truck. You start to go and then and some guy backs out of his driveway. Finally you think you can go and someone in a scooter jumps in front of you and then you have to wait for the garbage truck.

Road conditions can be rustic, like being in Nevada. At last we impressed no one by driving our War Rig over the side of a cliff and turning around in the half-parking space at our Cheese destination and thus turning around and driving back out the goat path to a parking spot someone might consider “sensible” until someone later realized she’d have to walk up the hill…

By this time my lungs were aching for air…


cheese-sign - 1


fab - 1