Guayabo Through a Lens Stevely


On one side a crocodile, on the other a jaguar.  Thought to represent life and death.  This massive stone was dragged up the hill by some poor team of suckers who didn’t know we’d have hover boards by 2005.  In addition to doing that without dirt bikes and cell phones they also managed to align it perfectly north-south and east-west.


Tombs.  This could be your final resting place.


The view towards the area of the city that’s been cleared.


As usual, the city goes on far into the jungle.

leaf cutter ant mound

Joyce is attempting to give you an idea of the scale of an established leaf cutter ant mound. It’s huge.


You’ll have to use your imaginations to see the huge conical roof over each of the house mounds.


Of course, Mr. Bigg lived in the biggest. But dudes were less important in this society. Even up to today the woman’s bloodline decides things and the guys are around to lift heavy things.

gringo fabuloso


See the ghosts from the future? Centuries ago the locals knew this spot was haunted!

long way down

Why was this a good spot for a city? It’s way up a giant hill, and on two sides you’ve got this. No surprise visitors, eh?