Paris – It’s Dangerous for Bunnies!

Everybody gets to make up their own very accurate danger signs. For some reason, Paris is a very dangerous place for bunnies. See below:

In French I think this says, “Today is a good day to die”
Bunnies better watch out!
Beware! Lightning may cut you in half!
Watch out for international jewel thieves!
No headless doggies allowed!
Do Not Anger God!
Oh no, bunny!

Pompidou Center

This work of modern art is titled “Joyce is Pooped at the Pompidou”

Good view of the city from up there.

There are many fine things to see at the Pompidou, again I didn’t take many photos.

A real Bauhaus chair!

The Louvre

Its best to get there early. We picked up a non-bread breakfast from the CarreFour grocery store on the way.

I didn’t try to take many photos. If you’re viewing this on a computer you can find better photos elsewhere.

Here the famous “Hey! Get this creepy hand off my back!” Statue.

Many of the works of art are missing pieces.

When Hobbits roamed the earth.

I liked the section on the Asyrians the best. Probably would have gotten more out of the Louvre with a guide. Certainly should have stuck to the order of things in the Rick Steves guidebook. Joyce took us directly to Mona Lisa and after that we spent a lot of time lost and going in circles.

This Time For Real

This morning we were better prepared and got on the right train to Versailles Chateau. Of course, there were some very nice people from the Portland area across the aisle from us…

Wow, this place is beyond huge. You thought you knew big and fancy, but you would be wrong.

The map they give you shows the chateau, as this tiny section. Also, since it took something like nearly three hours to get in, we were 50% spent before we even got in the door.

You don’t have to stand in line to enjoy the gardens, if we had a few more days I’d go back and just explore those.

No question about it, the place is dang grand. Not much of a point taking photos as google is sure to have better pix than anything I could take.

“Beware of international jewel thieves”

Even the scooters are Le tired.