Slab City

Ah, Slab City, the Last Free Place in America.


A former WWII Marine base, currently land owned by the state has slowly evolved into a place for people to live cheaply off the grid and/or away from the trouble of modern society. It’s also a scorching desert covered in trash and homeless people.

Welcome to Slab City

It was pretty empty when we visited on a 110 degree afternoon in early October. Didn’t take too many photos because most of it is as described – scattered trash heaps and broken-down trailers. Also it was too damn hot to want to get out of the car and chat people up. Some future trip when the weather’s more copacetic we’ll return with snacks to share and chat up some of the residents. It certainly is an interesting story of our Modern American Society.

Here’s some photos of “The Range”, a communal stage and gathering spot:

The Range

skull thingie



Mad Max