East Jesus

“East Jesus is an experimental, habitable, extensible artwork in progress since 2006.”

In truth, I can’t do it justice in a short blog post. Much unlike the trashy chaos of Slab City this group of artists is well-organized, growing their own food, generating their own power, turning cast-offs into crazy art, and they’ve started a non-profit entity with the goal of purchasing the land they are on.

Read more here: http://eastjesus.org/ and here: http://www.kpbs.org/news/2015/apr/16/slab-citys-east-jesus-not-waiting-bulldozers-arriv/

These people look like fun. We would have stayed for a tour, but again at 110F it’s not sensible to be wandering around in the sun and there’s a lot to see there. Will have to come back sometime. Here’s a few photos.




“In early 2007, Charlie left his tech job, packed all his belongings into a shipping container, and began to surround his two art cars with the sculptures that would become the foundation works of East Jesus.” Some of you will recognize Charlie’s bus:

Chocolate Martini

more choco martini


They are also hip to the danger of dolphins! Beware!


dolphin 2

dolphin 3

“A dolphin named Carl invented fast food to subtly kill poor people”


Giant see-saw anyone?