Coffee tour at El Toledo in Atenas

This was a great tour but getting there required a police escort. We used waze to navigate but one wrong turn took us up a barely passable rutted path where we were lucky to find the policia coming down the hill. After some English Spanish negotiation they decided to escort us to the coffee finca. They got out of the car with a clipboard then but we feigned silly American and waved them off. Phew….no charge.
This tour is highly recommended. They have become a bio diverse organic farm due to health issues and learning how to grow many crops to minimize the need for chemicals and still make a profit. And we learned a lot about coffee and how to drink it. There are 70,000 coffee farms in the area and they average 7 acres. El Toledo is 60 % coffee and 40 % other crops that they use or sell… Cashew, many fruits, herbs etc. and the coffee and lunch was exceptional . Gabriel took us through and his parents started the farm.

Oh yeah, forgot about this photo op for Steve.



The kids enjoyed getting coffee husks dumped on them to play with.





A type of square banana. Yes you heard that correcto.
And this is a cashew tree. We tasted the stem, the nut thing at the end is poisonous until dried and roasted.


And this is the lunch they prepare from what they grow on the farm including tumeric in the rice. The squash salad was chayote, the patty was yucca. Muy Bueno .

We negotiated buying painted coffee burlap bags and coffee from their farm. A nice family indeed.