Paris – It’s Dangerous for Bunnies!

Everybody gets to make up their own very accurate danger signs. For some reason, Paris is a very dangerous place for bunnies. See below:

In French I think this says, “Today is a good day to die”
Bunnies better watch out!
Beware! Lightning may cut you in half!
Watch out for international jewel thieves!
No headless doggies allowed!
Do Not Anger God!
Oh no, bunny!

And we wander and eat

Our goal before we leave Paris….a hamburger, a pizza, and falafel. And as many macarons as possible. Wine seems to go with everything.

Be on the lookout for the street art of Invader. Based on 8-bit pixels you will find the mosaic images on many buildings.

St Sulpice

On our way to pizza we found this place -Pizza Chic – with the most glamorous restroom. Fit for a queen. And the pizza is pretty good too.

Pompidou Center

This work of modern art is titled “Joyce is Pooped at the Pompidou”

Good view of the city from up there.

There are many fine things to see at the Pompidou, again I didn’t take many photos.

A real Bauhaus chair!