More from Rockin’ J’s

Some more photos from the mysterious man of mystery. That Rockin’ J.

What we didn’t try photographing is the overall setup. This should be a model for homeless camps in Portland. J offers the ultimate in budget housing. He’s got a city of tents setup under a simple warehouse-style roof. Is that too upscale for you? Crash out in a rental hammock. You get a key to a locker so you have a safe place to put your cash, ganga, and shiny rocks you found around. $9 gets you all-you-can-drink “jungle juice” 6-10pm and you can get 3 tacos for $4. If you’re 22 and backpacking the world, what could be better?


Note the dragon decor. 


Good advice. 

If you bring your own tent you can enjoy a Rockin’ J beach adventure for as little as $6/night. You can also forswear the trappings of the upscale decadent bourgeois tent class and rent a hammock. 

Remember, there are rules. Be sure to click on the image to learn the rules. 

 Here’s J’s original place