Tres Hermanas BBQ and Grill. As the sign says, “Where the bull is, that’s where the meat is!”  And it was pretty tasty. This is at the junction where you turn right to head the last hour and a half into Samara.

Samara Playa



More Turrialba

The Turrialba Bed and Breakfast has a very lovely courtyard.


…and here’s a sweet little park in the center of town.


Not such great photos, but I quite liked their modernist Catholic church.



Lovely live music during mass that sunday.

More from Rockin’ J’s

Some more photos from the mysterious man of mystery. That Rockin’ J.

What we didn’t try photographing is the overall setup. This should be a model for homeless camps in Portland. J offers the ultimate in budget housing. He’s got a city of tents setup under a simple warehouse-style roof. Is that too upscale for you? Crash out in a rental hammock. You get a key to a locker so you have a safe place to put your cash, ganga, and shiny rocks you found around. $9 gets you all-you-can-drink “jungle juice” 6-10pm and you can get 3 tacos for $4. If you’re 22 and backpacking the world, what could be better?


Note the dragon decor. 


Good advice. 

If you bring your own tent you can enjoy a Rockin’ J beach adventure for as little as $6/night. You can also forswear the trappings of the upscale decadent bourgeois tent class and rent a hammock. 

Remember, there are rules. Be sure to click on the image to learn the rules. 

 Here’s J’s original place