Last Day…

After a full day of bouncing around in the car on the way to Monteverde and back, we chose a simple, relaxing beach afternoon for our last full day in Costa Rica.

rancho - 1

The bar/restaurant area of Rancho de la Playa. Pool to the right.

rancho - 2

The comfy hang-out area.  Pretty nice.  Our room included air conditioning, two beds and a full, if sometimes comical kitchen.  Friendly staff. $85/night.  Would be happy to stay there again.

last-day - 5

Oddly enough, this is not referred to “coco frio”, but instead “pipa frio”.

last-day - 4

Some light beach reading.  In case you’re wondering, the good guys won.

last-day - 3

Forgot my platform dancing shoes…

last-day - 7

Please help the fish.

neck - 1

Oh yes, dinner by the sea.

last-day - 2

This is what you get when you order squid stuffed with Chorizo – basically chorizo with squid on the outside :-D.

last-day - 8

Here’s Dennis from Switzerland showing me his home-made backgammon board.  He’s traveling around looking for a good place to settle.