Iceberg tour on the Ketanja

Joe Batts Arm. Sunny early but clouding up. Saw a fox on the way. Boat left about 9 am. 12 passengers on the bigger boat and 4 braves souls on the rubber boat. Went past the Inn and then off to circle one of the icebergs. Beautiful vein of pure blue ice. Stopped and got off at Little Fogo Island. A few structures and church still there but not any permanent residents.   At one point there were 300. Saw lots of murres, puffins ,razorbills. Great 3 hour trip for $85. Patty went back again in the afternoon. Gail and I visited some of the artist studios and a little quilt shop with knitted items and canned goods (seal and other unique items). We passed.

Stopped at one of the 4 corners of the flat earth . Google it! Brought home “moisturized” chicken for dinner. Whatever that is, from Chesters. Heard about the mass shooting in Orlando. ?

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