Fish rain more fish more rain

More lobster and mussels and cod from the market. Went to Twillingate theater for a kitshy lobster or fish dinner theatre. experience ¬†Cold rainy and windy night.Our neighbor Lou came over with frozen salt cod from the stoner kids next door. Hmmmm. Let’s not take that 10 lbs of stinky fish with us. But very thoughtful. Lou is a friendly Newfie from Corner Brook. Another rainy day so off to the museum in Durell. They have a stuffed polar bear that came in on an iceberg from Greenland. Bet he was surprised by his journey, must have overslept. Hiked over to the point by our house and spotted several root cellars. Unusual lichens and mosses. Spotted some big icebergs floating by today.

Lou told us the gannets were in the bay so Patty went to take pictures.

Lovely salad smoked salmon snow crab and scallops for dinner. Note : always bring your own chef with you on vacation.

Went to the shed party down the road after dinner. Lou was playing the zydeco tie and spoons with Karen Churchill. Very fun. We all had instruments including ugly sticks and spoons. Homemade snacks. Very down home and friendly.

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