El Yanqui does with the yanking

Joyce completely failed to step up and take photos of the experience, but we furthered international friendships tonight.  One of our fellow guests here at Coco Loco Lodge backed his coche up the wrong way and fell off the parking lot a good foot and a half into the lawn/swamp.  He was hung up on the concrete barriers with no purchase for his drive wheels – that’s where our War Rig came in (Google “Mad Max”, you’ll see what we’re driving).  Something useful for the giant rental we got saddled with instead of the 50-yr-old austin mini I’d otherwise prefer to do this trip in.  A half-hour of broken spanish plus the security guy crawling around under the vehicles with a very slim cable he found around and we were ready …  a mucho suave press on the gas pedal with some proper prep under his drive wheels and he scraped off the reef.  Possibly hardly destroying his car at all.  Well, he was able to drive away, probably everything is fine more or less.

Anyhoo… you know how us guys like to use tools and feel useful.  With success came lots of laughing and backslapping.  Pura vida!

Here’s a pic of our hut at night. Basic accommodation with a bathroom, shower and a fridge for $60/night cash money.