Kind crab fisherman come aboard!

IMG_0417 IMG_0407 IMG_0406 IMG_0405 IMG_0402 IMG_0400 IMG_0143A king crab fisherman came aboard with some of his catch. He showed the eggs of the female and as they fell out on the table he scooped them up and ate them. My oh my. But it made for a delicious dinner of crab legs.

The aurora just came out and we all rushed out on deck. It was gale force winds though. So that didn’t last long. Our polar midnight snowmobile adventure was cancelled due to winds. Makes for a bouncy ride on the boat.




Snow Hotel Reindeer and Sled Dogs in Kirkenes

It was a beautiful sunny day in Kirkenes and the dogs were ready to rumble.  One of the puppies found the giant hunk of meat when no one was watching. The Snow Hotel has 26 rooms and is open for 3  months. It is only 2,000 Kroner to stay. The inhabitants of Kirkenes can go to Russia to buy cheap vodka, cigarettes and gas and the Russians come over to buy diapers by the carload. They fed us reindeer sausage on lefse which they called lumpa with a hot berry drink when we arrived.IMG_0430 IMG_0436 IMG_0441 IMG_0446 IMG_0448 IMG_0452 IMG_0457 IMG_0459 IMG_0471IMG_0433 IMG_0476 IMG_0482 IMG_0483 IMG_0490

Harstad to Finnsnes

IMG_0286IMG_0287IMG_0290IMG_0297IMG_0299IMG_0301IMG_0284IMG_0282 IMG_0283We finally hit some snowy weather. Imagine that in the arctic in winter. They are talking about global warming here too though. We had to pick up the passengers from another boat that was having trouble, so it is very busy here now and not enough staff. Food yesterday was in short supply at breakfast but they seem to have accommodated now. We had fresh caught arctic char for dinner last night, the seafood has been very good. We passed the northernmost medieval church yesterday (white building).


Dogsledding outside Tromso

IMG_0304 IMG_0306 IMG_0313 IMG_0314 IMG_0315 IMG_0317 IMG_0319 IMG_0321 IMG_0324 IMG_0328We had a great time today dogsledding a half hour out of Tromso. 3oo dogs and 9 very cute puppies. All the dogs are very friendly and love to run. This is the largest self dog kennel in Norway. The woman who owns it has raced in he Iditerod and races in Finnmark. They all lover their dogs. We had a musher from Greenland. Learned a lot about life there.